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Physics Safety Guidelines

September 15, 2015

Laboratory Safety Agreement


Report all accidents, injuries to your teacher – immediately!

You must know: 

safe laboratory techniques
where and how to report an accident, injury or spill
location of first aid equipment, fire alarm, phone, school nurse’s office


            The physics laboratory is a safe place to experiment if you are careful.  You must assume responsibility for the safety of yourself and your neighbors.  Here are some safety rules to help guide you in protecting yourself and others from injury in the lab:


1. The physics lab is to be used for serious work.  Only businesslike behavior will be tolerated.

2. Do not perform experiments that are unauthorized.  Always obtain your instructor’s permission.

3. Study your laboratory assignment before beginning.  If you are in doubt about any procedure ask for help.

4. Use the safety equipment provided for you.  Know the location of the fire extinguisher, safety shower, fire blanket and first aid kit.

5. Report any accident, injury, or incorrect procedure to your instructor at once.

6. Smother fires with a towel.  If clothing should catch fire, smother it with a blanket or coat or quench it under the safety shower. NEVER RUN.

7. Handle toxic, combustible, or radioactive substances only under the direction of your instructor.  If you spill acid or another corrosive chemical, wash it off immediately with water.  NEVER taste any chemical substance or draw poisonous materials into a glass tube with your mouth.  Keep combustible materials away from open flames.

8. Place broken glass and solid substances in designated containers.  Keep insoluble waste material out of the sink.

9. Use electrical equipment only under the supervision of your instructor.  Be sure your instructor checks electric circuits before you activate them.

10. When your investigation is completed, be sure to turn off the water and gas and disconnect electrical connections.  Clean your work area.  Return all materials and apparatus to their proper places.


First Aid in the Laboratory



     Safe Response


Flush with water. Call your teacher immediately.

cuts and bruises

Follow the instructions in the first aid kit.  Report to the school nurse.

fainting or collapse, electric shock

Provide the person with fresh air.  Have the person recline so that their head is lower than their body.  Call your teacher.  A nurse or doctor may need to provide artificial respiration or CPR.


Wrap person in fire blanket.  Extinguish all flames.

foreign matter in eye

Flush with plenty of water.  Use eyewash bottle or fountain.


Note the suspected poisoning agent and call your teacher.

severe bleeding

Apply pressure or a compress directly to the wound and get medical attention.

spills on skin, acid spills, base spills

Flush with water or use safety shower.  For acid spills apply baking soda and call your teacher. For base spills apply boric acid and call your teacher.


I ______________________________________ have read and understand the material and agree to abide by the regulations and procedures outlined in this material.  Furthermore, I agree to abide by any additional printed or verbal instructions provided by my teacher or school district during the year.


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