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Physics Syllabus

September 16, 2015

Physics– Mrs. Ring

email:  kring@eurekausd389.net


Welcome to Physics:

Physics is the study of the nature and properties of matter. This is important because understanding the world around you enables safety and applications to your daily life.  You can get the most out of this class if you take the time to think about how the things we study affect you personally.  Approach the class with seriousness and an open mind and you will succeed.


Instructional Objectives:

When you are done with this class, you will:

Be familiar with Physics science terms and ideas.
Understand how Physics science relates to your life outside of school.
Realize that Physics is fun.



Required materials

Highly recommended materials

Composition Notebook (graph paper preferred,

but not necessary), Notecards, Book Cover,

Colored Pencils, Kleenex, Flash Drive, Ear buds

Dry erase markers, pens, highlighters



Your performance in class will be assessed in a variety of ways. Quizzes, tests, labs, lab reports, projects and homework will all be a part of your grade. You are responsible for keeping track of your own grade and can easily do so with PowerSchool. I would also like for you to help me check the accuracy of your grades. It will be necessary for you to keep your assignments to show me any mistakes I may have made. This would be a good use for your 3-ring binder.



Homework is assigned most days.  It will consist of problems that reinforce the concepts learned that day or a project that is intended to help you see the connections between Physics and your life outside of school. I will not grade incomplete papers.  You have ample time to finish them and I will accept your late work for 50% of the grade you earn.  If your homework and daily work are turned in on time, I will allow you to correct them for an improved grade.


Science and Engineering Fair:

You are highly encouraged to complete a project this semester.  You will have due dates related to your project.  The project will be due in its entirety by 11-23-15.












Quizzes and Tests:

You will have weekly quizzes to help track your progress and understanding of the subject. It will also require you to study as we go (cramming does not mean you learn the material). You are expected to study a short time almost every day. This might consist of working on homework, but you will need to look at physics outside of class time to truly learn the information.



We will be doing a wide variety of labs in this class.  Some are major, multi-day labs and require an extensive write-up.  Other labs are shorter and require a simpler write-up.  Before we start any lab in this class I will give you my expectations about how it should be written up and explain the hazards you are likely to encounter. You will be expected to follow all Lab Safety Guidelines, and follow all verbal directions.  Failure to do so will result in your grade for the lab being a “0.”


Lab Reports:

You will be required to write several formal lab reports throughout the semester. They will be typed and may be assigned as individual or group reports. Included in this syllabus is the outline for the lab reports. These reports are to be written concisely and clearly. They are designed for you to communicate with others scientific ideas (no pronouns).


Daily Points: You will be given daily points.  These points may be removed for procedural infractions and behavior issues.


Late Work:

Late work will be accepted but will be discounted 50% unless the student has an excused absence. Each student will be allowed two “Homework Passes” per semester. When this card is used, the student will not have the late penalty applied to the completed assignment. The assignment must be completed and turned in with the pass attached. This will exclude quizzes, tests, presentations, lab reports, projects, and long-term assignments. If you have a question about the use of a card on a specific assignment, please ask.


Make up Work and Help:

I will be available 30 minutes before and after school every day. I will also be available during seminar and will keep my seminar quiet so you can get help if needed. Any changes to this schedule will be announced in class.


Extra Credit:

Will be offered sparingly. Don’t expect it to save your grade!


Final Words:

Don’t panic!  If you do your homework, work hard in class, and study, you should have no problems with Physics.  It’s fun!








The undersigned parties have read these policies and understand all expectations.




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