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FACS and Business Management Students Kick-Off 2024... a year of MORE!!!

February 10, 2024


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Both FACS and Business Management students started out the semester with a reflection entitled “I am the Force”.  It was assignment designed for them to look internally at themselves, their goals for the remainder of the year, what they can do to practice mindfulness, how can they be in the moment and less on their phones, how they can be in the calm of “the storm” and stay centered, slow down the speed of life,  etc.  It started with an inspirational quote…

"Our only freedom is the freedom to discipline ourselves."   Bernard Baruch.  

The responses were amazing!!  For many of the students they took the time to carefully craft their heartfelt responses and to see the effort they invested in the assignment was incredible.  Following this first component of this assignment, they were asked to complete a “One Word Quote” and share why they selected that word.  They created infographics via Canva or a Google Slide to highlight or showcase their one word quote. 

Another assignment for both FACS and Business Management classes was to create an infographic for “Cold Weather Preparedness”.  The sub-zero temperatures that particular week provided the perfect backdrop for educating them on steps they can take to ensure when they travel or in pet ownership that they are well prepared for anything that may arise.  They learned about essential items that should be a staple in all vehicles.  Items included shovels, kitty litter, jumper cables, extra clothing, blankets, water, non-perishable food items, not only a phone charging cable but a power pack, make sure they have at least half a tank of gas before going anywhere, and so much more.  For the pet care they need to make sure the pets are brought inside, their paws are protected, a warning about antifreeze, checking the car engine before starting, walking on frozen water, etc.  

Both FACS and Business Management students are spring boarding on an assignment from 2 weeks ago that was designed to give them a small taste of a simulation of Living on Their Own.  Students were given an amount of $2,200 a month to live on and needed to research and budget costs for apartment rent, groceries, utilities, vehicle expenses, etc.  During this simulation, students were instructed on how to properly write a check.  

Following this paper assignment, the students received a log-in to an on-line simulator called Banzai where they are given a Pre-Test, play a “game” that simulates real life activities, and receive a Post-Test to showcase their knowledge.  Following completion of this segment, they have additional learning opportunities (which we will definitely explore!!) that gives them ‘hands-on” exposure. 

Business Management students have been working diligently on Marketing/Advertising, note taking skills, learning about the beginnings of Domino’s/Pizza Hut, Fritos, and Lays Potato Chip Company, the Four P’s of Marketing, and other related topics.  They have had a sprinkling of quizzes and tests over the topics as well.  They completed a test that measured their knowledge of the first 100 days of school and covered items that pertained to Business Essentials.  They ended this past week drawing on their knowledge following a unit about logos using paper footballs and basketballs as a background for their favorite logo. 

FACS students have been very busy as well.  Lifespan Development students have been practicing their intellectual skills by learning about creating resumes, women in stem, social development skills of planning a wedding, aging and complications, chronic conditions during aging, interviewing someone between Ages 40-64, adult stress and brain aging, death, dying, and grief.  

Orientation of Early Childhood Development students have studied caring for newborns, newborn reflexes, breastfeeding vs bottle feeding, baby swaddling, etc.  They have learned that we need to have a license to drive a vehicle, teach, practice law, get married, etc.  It prompted the question of why isn’t there a license to have children.  The students have explored this topic have designed and created their own requirements of items to complete, have in place and a test that needs to be passed before a couple are able to have any children.  They have even designed a “certification of completion” to show that the person has passed all parenting processes.  They are also working on developing their own “Parenting Magazine” complete with articles, how to’s, ideas, and more.  The next big thing is a Cookbook designed for Pre School Children. All of this is leading up to Lifespan Development and Orientation of Early Childhood Development classes hosting community pre-school aged children after spring break.  They will work on creating the learning environment and opportunities for the younger students and help provide them with snacks.

Culinary Essentials class and Career and Life Planning have been experiencing a “Chopped” type environment in the home ec kitchen!  WIth less than 50 minutes to complete our chef and cooking activities it is truly a challenge each day we set out to cook!  The students have been great and they exercise their team leadership skills and we accomplish a lot in a very short amount of time.  

Career and Life Planning… This semester is the first time this year we have taken the 8th graders to the kitchen so in addition to the time constraints we have an extra degree of difficulty as they are learning how the kitchens are laid out and where each item is located.  Friday February the 9th was a fairly big project that they tackled and executed well for their first time.  Great group of young adults who smiled through it all!

The Culinary Essentials class has been very busy making coffee cake, savory sausage potato pie, taco cups, sliders, meatballs, egg bites, Orange Julius, Super Bowl Party Snacks both Part I and Part II, and more.  They have spent some time planning and looking ahead to the prom when they can showcase their “formal party” food preparation skills and ensure the prom attendees have plenty of finger foods to nibble on during the dance.

Each and every day brings new knowledge and learning opportunities!  So grateful and thankful for the students as they put forth their best efforts!!