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HS GG @ Fort Scott Monday
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Fall Fun in ECH

  What an exciting day in ECH!  We had parents come in for a couple of activities with their child, and then shared a picnic lunch provided by the cafeteria. We explored what happens when red and blue paint are mixed together, then painted a purple animal that starts with D.  Thanks to all the parents who were able to share this special time with their child. We have been working on recognizing numbers, counting, . . .

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Marshall Elementary Paying It Forward

Marshall Elementary would like to thank all the students, staff, and community who contributed to help Spring ISD School District by donating funds to recover from Hurricane Harvey! We were able to donate $460.75 to them!  Below is a website link where they have shared their gratitude for the contribution we provided. We appreciate everyone's help in teaching our youth the goodness in   'Paying it Forward!' . . .

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Farm Living is the Life for 2nd Grade

Did You Know...Horses Need to Visit Dentists Too?!?! It's true! Horses need to have their teeth floated, or filed, once every year. This is because their teeth never stop growing! Marshall 2nd Graders learned this fun fact and SO MUCH MORE on our annual Day on the Farm field trip to the Jeff and Cheryl Sowder Ranch.  On Tuesday, September 5, Greenwood County 2nd Graders experienced what ranch life is like from area . . .

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